About REAL8

Logo-REAL8REAL8 is a new global CryptoCurrency created with the primary aim of endowing the less fortunate people in our society with the technological resources that will allow them to make use of some of the most important financial services in today’s world to improve their lives. We’re not trying to foster charity activities but rather promoting equal opportunity on a global scale.

REAL8 is loosely inspired on the Real de a Ocho, the first global reserve currency that became a reference point in world trade for over three centuries, and that in turn served as the basis for the currencies circulating in other nations at the time. Read more about the history of the Real de a Ocho here.

Quinto RealThere are however many differences between that first global currency and this latest reincarnation. Apart from their composition (silver vs bytes), while the Real de a Ocho was accessible primarily to the upper classes and merchants, and was managed  by the interests of governments, the REAL8 belongs to everybody and benefits primarily the interests of the undeserved, by setting aside 12.5% of the proceeds and redirecting them to chosen projects at underfunded communities around the world.

Every project we fund needs to be approved by consensus by those involved in the development of REAL8, including founders, supporters, collaborators, and even those holding our cryptocurrency. Unfortunately there is no shortage of projects in need of funding, but we want to make sure that a majority agrees on what would be the best destination for the funds collected, in a completely transparent manner. Click here for a preliminary list of NPOs supported.

By using the Stellar Network REAL8 is able to promote global financial access, literacy, and inclusion at a fraction of what it costs using traditional financial services. The Stellar network, and by extension the REAL8 network achieve these goals by expanding worldwide access to low-cost financial services through the development and maintenance of technology and partnerships.

To trade with REAL8 you will need to first acquire Lumens, which are the native asset of the Stellar Network, and provide the ability to move money around the world and to conduct transactions between different currencies quickly and securely.

Lumens are available for purchase on several CryptoCurrency exchanges, such as Kraken, Binance, Poloniex, or Bittrex. For a complete list click here. Once you have your Lumens you can trade them on StellarTerm, an Open-Source client that you can use for free to send, receive, and trade assets on the Stellar network.

There are also a number of wallets available to handle your Lumens, such as CentaurusStargazerLedgerLobstr, and others. For more information please visit our Wallets Page.