About Us

The REAL8 team is composed of developers, entrepreneurs, professionals, financial advisers and startups from the CryptoCurrency industry. Our vision is to bring together participants of the cryptocurrency community with different backgrounds and expertise to foster the development of fair and beneficial relationships.

We strongly believe in the mission of informing, educating and assisting the public on the use of the REAL8 CryptoCurrency and related crypto-technologies, while advancing the global development and adoption of this decentralized technology.

Through our projects and activities we have accumulated a wide network of collaborators and volunteers, both individual and institutional, whose cryptocurrency expertise range from mathematics and programing to accounting and law. Our network also includes economic experts, investors, representatives of financial institutions and even government agencies, whose programs are in line with our goals.

Update (December 17, 2017) :
The ProWoos Team has agreed to provide us with infrastructure and technical support for our venture. By means of this agreement ProWoos becomes a founding member of the REAL8 initiative, which gets endowed with a team of over 30 experienced professionals from all around the globe, with work centers located in New York, Monterey, Marbella, Davao, and Santiago.

This is the perfect addition to our core team that we could have only dreamt of. ProWoos specializes on everything related to WooCommerce (the most popular eCommerce module on the Internet), and by extension, WordPress (the most popular Content Management System). Both WooCommerce and WordPress are a fundamental part of our project moving forward, and with ProWoos invaluable assistance we can be totally confident that all of our needs involving Web Hosting, Web Design and Web Development, are being taken care of.